ELA Daily Review 7th Grade Bundle | Printable | Google Apps
ELA Daily Review 7th Grade Bundle | Printable | Google Apps
ELA Daily Review 7th Grade Bundle | Printable | Google Apps
ELA Daily Review 7th Grade Bundle | Printable | Google Apps
ELA Daily Review 7th Grade Bundle | Printable | Google Apps

ELA Daily Review 7th Grade Bundle | Printable | Google Apps

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ALL Morning Work Bundles and Weekly Assessments are on SALE through January 30th! This bundle is normally $40 and ON SALE for $28!

GOOGLE SLIDES AND FORMS: All months have been updated to include Google Slides and self-grading Google Forms.

Hello, ELA! How can you cover a LOT of critical content in a LITTLE amount of time? This ELA Daily Review is a unique way to get your students warmed up and helps incorporate the 7th Grade Language Standards, Grammar, Vocabulary Practice, and Reading Comprehension skills.

Each month contains 4-5 weeks of ELA bell work, which will have a theme around the season, national holidays, or events associated with that particular month. The morning work is focused on ELA 7th Grade Common Core Standards. Each day has a thematic structure to cover language standards as well as enhance vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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What is included?

This bundle includes ELA Daily Review for the months of August - June. Each month includes 4-5 weeks of morning work.

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Each week follows a predictable and engaging structure:

Meaningful Monday: Monday is focused on making meaning. Tasks will focus on synonyms, antonyms, vocabulary words, context clues, and making meaning in a short amount of text. Some tasks may require students to make meaning in the text (inference, message, adages, proverbs, etc.) or build vocabulary skills.

Text Structure Tuesday: Tuesdays will have a paragraph that requires students to identify the text structure, signal words, main idea, author's perspective, or vocabulary, or any other question types related to the Craft and Structure standards.

Wordy Wednesday: Wednesday is all about working with words. Tasks include working with shades of meaning, homophones, spelling, prefixes, suffixes, roots, and other word skills.

Throwback Thursday:Thursday is all about grammar usage and conventions.

Figurative Friday: Figurative Friday tasks include working with various types of figurative language including similes, metaphors, idioms, poems, alliteration, structures of poems and more!

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I hope this resource works for you! Please feel free to contact me at jessica@theliteracyloft.com with any questions, comments, or feedback.


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