We HEART Fractions!- Valentine's Day Fraction Word Problems

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This product includes 12 Valentine’s Day Themed Fraction Word Problems aligned with Common Core Math Standards for 4th Grade. The product also includes a Vocabulary sheet in both a half sheet version as well as a full sheet. Students can draw a picture to show an example as well as write the math word definition. 

{MACC.4.NF.2.3d, MACC.4.NF.2.4b, MACC.4.NF.2.4c, MACC.4.NF.2.4a}

The 12 problems are presented in 3 different formats. 

4 of the same problems on a page that could be used as Math Journal problems (glued into the math journal) or used in a Math Center.

The second format is a “worksheet” format to use if you wanted to review fraction concepts around Valentine’s Day. This would be printed as 6 on a page or 12 if you printed front and back. 

The third format is also a “worksheet” format, but has 4 different problems on one side in case your students need more work space. Mine do! I used the journal problems in my classroom so students would have enough room to draw pictures and show their thinking.

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