Read Aloud Plans for Halloween/Plant Life Cycle {Pumpkin Jack}

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This resource contains plans for the Read Aloud Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell.

This fun read aloud is perfect for the month of October. The plans are notes for the teacher to refer to as you are reading the book. The notes are on squares that can be cut and pasted onto Post-It notes. When placed in the book on the designated pages, your Read Aloud is prepped and ready to go!Ā 

Each Post-It square contains either a Think Aloud prompt or Question to help guide you in your read aloud. You can use as many or as few as you would like. The last post-its are intended to be blank for you to add any other teaching ideas. The questions can also be used as a formative assessment and are centered around:
ā€¢ CharactersĀ 
ā€¢ Character RelationshipsĀ 
ā€¢ Text/Illustration Connections
ā€¢ Life Cycle of a Plant

In order to use the Post-It Notes and place them on the appropriate page, it helps to add the page numbers to the book if they are not already listed.Ā 

For the purposes of these plans, page 1 starts with ā€œWhen Tim carved his first pumpkinā€¦ā€Ā 

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