March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade

March No Prep Packet 3rd Grade

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This packet contains 60 pages (!!!) of activities that include ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies. This is a 20 day (4 Weeks) Independent Learning Packet. This packet can be used in the following ways:

  • sub plans
  • supplement curriculum
  • homework
  • center practice
  • small group practice
  • school closings

Please see the table of contents inside the preview for the skills covered. The subjects include ELA (Reading, Grammar, and Writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health.

  • Answer Keys are in a separate file.
  • Links and description for digital instructions.

⭐️Please note that there are some overlaps with ELA, Science, Social, Studies, Health content for Grades 2-3⭐️

What’s included in this packet:
Spelling Patterns: Short A and I
Central Message
Ordering Sentences
Spelling Patterns: Long I
Spatial and Temporal Relationships
Supporting Details
Coordinating Conjunctions
Consonant Digraphs
Point of View
Base Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes
Time-Order Words
Simple Sentences
Spelling Patterns: OR, ORE, OAR
Opinion and Reasons
Sorting Words
Author’s Purpose
Problem and Solution
Problem and Solution II
Character Traits

Telling Time
Addition Puzzles
Subtraction Puzzles
AM or PM?
Elapsed Time
Spring Scramble
Spring Scramble II
March Multiplication
Subtraction Sleuth
Make a Schedule
Liquid Volume
Liquid Volume II
Multi-Step Measurement
Liquid Volume III
Perimeter Problems
Perimeter Problems II
Area II
Measure Length
Naming Shapes 

Social Studies/Science/Health
Living or Nonliving?
Habitats and Survival
Predators and Prey
Frog Life Cycle
Wild or Domestic?
Sorting Plants
How do rainbows form?
Steam Power
Horse Power
Birthday Customs
Dolores Huerta
Maria Tallchief
Helen Keller
Bessie Coleman
Strategies for Self-Control
Self-Control Scenarios
Building Self-Esteem

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This resource is also available in the following grade level:

5th Grade

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