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These writing process signs will help you and your students identify the steps/parts of the writing process as well as keep track of where they are when working on a project and what to do next! Implementing a routine at the beginning of the year will help students be successful as writers throughout the year as well as in the rest of their writing life. These Writing Process Signs come in 3 different designs and patterns (navy & white quarter foil, navy & white stripes, teal & white chevron) If you like the signs, but would like to see them in different colors, please contact me! There are also two “title” posters. {The Writer’s Process and A Writer’s Thinking}

I suggest printing and laminating each of the signs. You may or may not want to use each of the signs. There are slight variations on the steps in the writing process, as a general rule of thumb. Printing on card stock would allow these signs to be more durable, but is not necessary! You could even print and slip into sheet protectors. If you do not have access to a color printer (or find that it is too expensive) simply print in gray-scale.

The signs could be used in several ways... 
Writing Center- put signs in sheet protectors and then attach on a binder ring and have students use as a reference.

Bulletin Board- Display in a row above or on a bulletin board or even in the writing center as a reminder of the steps writers go through during the writing process.

Writers’ Tracking System- Use as a way to track your young writers’ status in the writing process. You could do this by connecting the signs using binder rings. Then, hang on a bulletin board and use clothespins with your students’ names or numbers to track where they are in the writing process. 

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I look forward to hearing how you implement these in your classroom! Please contact me with any questions, issues, or feedback! 
Happy Writing! 

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