Area and Perimeter {Gardening Project}

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About this Product
This product is a fun way to either introduce Area and Perimeter or as a review during the Spring months. Of course, it could always be used at other times throughout the year. Gardening is a wonderful real world way to teach area and perimeter.

What this product includes
*Planning and Planting a Garden: Two story problems to introduce the activity. The first problem has students identify the area and perimeter in unit squares. The second problem has students identify the area and perimeter in square feet.

*Planning and Planting My Garden: This activity allows students to get creative and design their own garden using a suggested list of flowers and/or vegetables. Students will color code their plan for a garden, then calculate the area and perimeter for each type of flower or section in their garden.

*Planning and Planting My Garden {Version 2}: In this version, students will show how they applied the area and perimeter formula.

*Planning and Planting My Garden Rough Draft Grid Paper: This page is for students’ rough draft of their garden. Students can sketch out a plan and then calculate the area and perimeter.

*Planning and Planting My Garden Grid Paper: This page is for students’ final draft of their garden. 

*Farm Fields of Fruit {Half Sheet}: This problem could be used as an exit slip, formative assessment, or simply as a classwork problem. Because there are so many steps, we used this problem in our notebooks as a math-rich problem. 

*Farm Fields of Fruit {Full Sheet with Work Space}: This is the same problem as above, but in a worksheet style format.

*You might also show your students pictures of each type of flowers to help them decide what types of flowers they would like to include. Google images works wonders! Students could also work in small groups on computers to search for the different types of flowers. These are just some suggestions to extend the activities.

I hope you have as much fun as we did! Please contact me if you have any issues or questions concerning this product. 
Happy Gardening! :)

-Jessica :)


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