Attendance Data Collection Sheets {Monthly}

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**This product has been updated as of 8/27/15 to include a PRINT font for October and December.**

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What does this product include?
14 monthly attendance sheets for students to keep track of their own attendance data

About the Product:
Attendance can be an issue in the classroom, thus affecting student achievement. This data sheet will help your students track and reflect on their own attendance. By collecting this data, it opens more doors for students to set goals for themselves as well as see the relationship between their presence at school and their academic success.

The data sheets can be used as part of their Morning Work routine or as a Weekly Update. In our classrooms, this became a part of their data folders that were presented to parents at Student-Led Conferences. This was effective as well for parents to see their child’s attendance in a visual model. 

This might also be helpful identifying students with attendance issues or to recognize students who have perfect attendance. 

The data collection sheets can be printed front to back or you could shrink them down and have two on the front page and two on the back. Each day, students shade in with a colored pencil to show they are present. They can either leave absent days blank or shade in with a different color. I suggest you define the colors! You might also shade in days where there is no school black to avoid any confusion. How you have students do this is completely up to you! There are a variety of possibilities. 

If you find other useful ways to use this resource, we would love to hear from you!

We appreciate any feedback and hope you find this product as useful as we did! 

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