Fractions, Decimals, & Money
Fractions, Decimals, & Money
Fractions, Decimals, & Money
Fractions, Decimals, & Money

Fractions, Decimals, & Money

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We're Buggin' Out for Fractions, Decimals, and Money! 

This product includes….
*4 Journal Problems using Fractions, Decimals, and Money
*11 Printable Practice Pages {mostly bug-themed}

The problems align to the following 4th Grade Common Core State Standards for Fractions, Decimals, and Money.

MACC.NF.3.6 Use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100.

MACC.4.NF.3.5 Express a fraction with denominator 10 as an equivalent fraction with denominator 100, and use this technique to add two fractions with respective denominators 10 and 100.

MACC.4.MD.1.2 Use the four operations to solve word problems involving distances, intervals of time, liquid volumes, masses of objects, and money, including problems involving simple fractions or decimals, and problems that require expressing measurements given in a larger unit in terms of a smaller unit. Represent measurement quantities using diagrams such as number line diagrams that feature a measurement scale.

MACC.4.NF.3.7 Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size. Recognize that comparisons are valid only when the two decimals refer to the same whole. Record the results of comparisons with the symbols >,+, or <, and justify the conclusions, e.g., by using a visual model.

Each journal problem and printable page has an "I can…" statement to support your teaching and students' learning. Please see the table of contents for the listing of each page and journal problem included.

In my 4th grade classroom, I often introduce the lesson or new concept with a journal problem. We unpack the problem by Boxing the Math Words, Circling the Question, Underlining the Key Details of the Problem, and Envisioning the Problem. 

Students may try to solve with a partner, or I may use the problem to teach my students. Then, we make notes or charts about the skill in our notebook. See an example below.. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or feedback, please email me at

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