Morning Work 3rd Grade {August}

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This resource is a unique way to get your students warmed up in the morning. The math is aligned to 3rd grade Common Core Standards and meant to be a review. 

This set contains 2 weeks of Camping-themed morning work for the month of August. Every other month will have 4-5 weeks of Morning Work. This shortened version is the perfect time for you to try it out! September will come out soon with an Apple/Back to School Theme. The morning work is focused on Math with a sprinkle of Science, a pinch of grammar, and a dash of Daily/Weekly Updates to keep your students engaged and open doors for conversations. You can check out the 4th grade set to get a feel for the upcoming months.

Each week follows the same routine. The focus for each day was created based on fundamental needs I noticed in my classroom of 4th graders: Multiplication & Division, Number Sense, & Fractions

While these are not the only areas addressed, they are the main focus. Each week follows the same routine and structure.

Mathematician Monday- Problems are centered around 2nd grade math review and problems leading up to the understanding of Multiplication. (Later in the year Mathematician Monday will turn into Multiplication Monday.)

Base Ten Tuesday- All about the Base of our Number System. These problems are centered around our number system and place value. 

Wordless Wednesday- No Word Problems! Students have 3 problems without words.

Throwback Thursday- Review Day! Other days may offer a review problem, but Thursdays have problems that may come from 2nd grade or the beginning of the year. I also added problems from other standards such as Measurement & Data and Geometry.

Fraction Fun Friday- Nothing says Fun Friday like Fractions! There is always a need to review fractions. By keeping it short and sweet and including a fun personal question, this may help build your students’ confidence in fractions while also keeping it fresh.

I created this resource in my 4th grade classroom because I saw a need to continuously review these key areas. By following this same structure each week, students know what to expect while they are also building their confidence in these essential math areas. I have also found several other benefits from this morning work routine:

Routine!- My students knew exactly what to do when they come in the classroom.

Short & Sweet- There are only a few problems so it shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes. This will also let you know if students are still having difficulty with a certain skill.

Fewer Copies- Only one sheet of paper for the whole week! (Copy front and back)

A Weekly Grade- My students know this and do not want to do the work for homework or have a poor grade. This helped get them started right away in the morning. I also go over the problems each morning and allowed students to fix their work before turning it in. In my opinion, this is beneficial because it keeps the students engaged as we go over it, ESPECIALLY if they had difficulty with it. This was also beneficial for students because if they paid attention and “added on to their thinking,” they will earn a good grade that will be added weekly. For students that already struggle, this is confidence building and motivating.

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This is the first month in the 3rd Grade Morning Work series, so you can expect September to come soon! I hope this resource works for you! Please be sure to follow me so you get the email when the rest of this series comes out!