Multiplication, Division & Fraction Task Cards {Road Trip Theme}

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This product comes with 24 Road Trip -Themed Task Cards for practicing multiplication, division and fractions. 

They can be printed in color or as grayscale black and white. I suggest laminating the cards and printing on card stock so they will last longer. However, I did not do this and printed on regular 8.5 x 11 and then laminated. This worked perfectly fine if you do not have card stock handy.

After laminating, you can use a book/binder ring to attach the cards. They can then become part of your Math Center as a rotation, small group, tutoring, or for review. Another suggestion for using this is to not expect students to complete all of the cards, especially your struggling students. A blank Answer Sheet is included that students can just write the number for each problem. This is wonderful to use as an early finisher task. If you decided to print, these problems could also be glued in students’ math journal. 

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