Multiplication & Division {Ocean-Themed}

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The pages included in this pack are ocean themed problems that are perfect for an end of year 4th or 5th grade review, but could also be used when teaching a multiplication and/or division unit. The activities are a resource to help reinforce the concepts of:

multiplying by 1, 2, and 3 digit numbers
dividing by 1 and 2 digit numbers
multiplicative comparison problems
factors and multiples
finding common factors

The pages could be put together as a packet, given out individually, or assigned for homework. They are meant to be used in whichever way suits you. I used these pages in my 4th grade classroom through the last few weeks of school as a review. I chose pages to copy front and back. The pages lend themselves to be mixed and matched however you please! There are Answer Keys included for each page. Please see below for a brief explanation of each page. 

So Many Factors in the Sea {1 page} - Six word problems for finding the factors of a whole number.

The Sieve of Eratosthenes {1 page} - An activity to find all the prime numbers using the strategy of the Greek mathematician.

So Many Factors in the Sea {1 Coloring Page} - Students will find the factors of 4 different numbers and shade in ocean creatures using the key. (One of the most fun activities in this pack!)

A Sea of Multiplication - {3 pages} Word Problems + Naked Number Problems. The pages are numbered to prevent any confusion! 

Diving into Division - {1 Page} Word Problems + Naked Number Problems 

An Ocean of Inequalities {1 page} - Students compare expressions and numbers.

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I hope you and your students enjoy these activities as much as we did!

Happy Teaching!