New Year Activity Booklet, New Year Goal Setting

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Looking for a fun and easy way to celebrate the New Year with your students? This New Year’s Activity Booklet will help your students set goals and get excited about the upcoming year. Just print out the pages and make copies back-to-back. Then fold into a booklet.

If you need to print the pages back-to-back directly from your printer, then you made need the pages rotated. You can find the rotated pages inside this file too!

The following pages of activities are included:

  1. Front Cover - Happy New Year
  2. Best Memories of 2023
  3. Parts of Speech Color by Code
  4. New Year Selfie
  5. Making Words
  6. Setting Goals – students write goals for each area of their life
  7. Getting Goals – students write HOW they will reach each goal
  8. Looking Forward to 2024 – students write about what they are looking forward to in the upcoming year


*This file will be updated each year to reflect the new year.*