New Year Writing Activity, New Year Bulletin Board Idea, Opinion Writing

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Choosing a word for the year is something a lot of adults do, but our students can benefit from it too! In this writing activity, your students will choose a word for the year and then write about why they chose that word. You can then display your students’ wonderful writing with the New Year’s toppers included!

What is included?

  1. A written explanation of the Word for the Year
  2. Word for the Year Ideas (list of words)
  3. Word of the Year Bookmark Templates
  4. Graphic Organizer (Brainstorm Web)
  5. Boxes & Bullets Planning Page with 2 Reasons
  6. Boxes & Bullets Planning Page with 3 Reasons
  7. Writing Paper
  8. Toppers (9 options) 
  9. Teacher Examples

*This activity will be updated each year to reflect the current year!*