Place Value Practice-The Power of 10 (Notebook Charts & Practice)

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Place Value Chart through Hundred Millions- (2 Versions) This half sheet could be used as a reference chart for students in their math journal to help with identifying the value of a number and how our place value system works. This chart labels the Ones Period, Thousands Period, and Millions Period. This could be color coded by using colored pencils to help students identify the different periods. This visual seemed to help students SEE the periods. You can see how we glued the chart in our notebooks to the right. We glued only part of the page and then folded over where the millions period is located. Below this chart, we wrote examples of the 3 different forms of numbers (Word, Standard, & Expanded). 

The Power of 10 Notebook Chart (Ones through Hundred Millions)- This chart is a visual for students’ Math Journals to show an example of how our number system works, the idea that when you move through place value each digit is 10 times larger than the digit to the right. Additionally, the chart shows a picture of base ten blocks including a large stack of 10 thousands blocks. This was eye opening for my students to deepen their understanding of the base ten concept. (Included as a Notebook Chart & Full Page in case you wanted to use it in your math center.)

The Power of 10 Chart (Hundredths through Millions)- I teach 4th grade and teach place value at the beginning of the year and decimals later on in the year. I used this chart later on in the year to help build on prior knowledge of the place value system. This chart is similar to the one above, except to include decimals and only goes up through millions. (Included as a Notebook Chart & Full Page in case you wanted to use it in your math center.)

The Power of 10 Place Value Practice- This practice (2 pages front and back) offers varying word problems and scenarios that will allow students to practice working with the charts and apply their knowledge about place value. You could use this page to teach, partner practice, independent work, or all of the above, depending on your students’ needs. The answer key is included.

Place Value Practice Chart- This chart can be used in students’ notebooks to practice working with numbers and finding the value of a digit. 

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