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This is a custom request for just the Poetry Notebook Anchor Charts from my Poetry Writing Unit which you can find here...

Reading and Writing the Language of Poetry

This set includes ONLY the Writing Notebook Anchor Charts listed below. The following description is for the FULL Unit Resources. 

The world of poetry is vast and full of variety. Whether you are doing a full on unit or trying to incorporate poetry among other units in your classroom, poetry can be a tool to help you meet students language, comprehension, writing, and even fluency needs. Furthermore, poetry can be integrated into content areas (see acrostic slide). The resources included in this unit can provide you with the tools you need to incorporate poetry into your classroom. 

What this Product Includes:

*28 Writing Notebook Anchor Charts: These Anchor Charts are half-size pages (2 on a page) that students can glue inside their writing notebooks to get ideas, as reference sheets, or use for practice throughout the unit. 

22 Large Anchor Charts/Slides: These large anchor charts/slides can be used to teach, in a writing center, or as a reference in your classroom. I have used these large charts as part of my lesson by projecting on the SMART board. After the lessons, I printed these off and put them in sheet protectors and on binder rings to use in our writing center. Students could refer to them if necessary or I have also used these to have a small group work on a specific strategy. 

Common Core Standards for Teaching Poetry: Unfortunately reading and writing poetry is not explicitly defined by the Common Core Standards. However, I have included grades 3-5 Literature and Language standards that this unit could help you meet with your students. Writing poetry only helps to make children a better reader of poetry. 

Suggested Teaching Points: A calendar of suggested poetry teaching points has been included to help with planning and identifying a sequence of teaching points. I suggest immersing students in reading poetry before writing poetry to study the characteristics of poetry and reading like a writer. In the future, I plan to add explicit lessons to this unit as I have done in my Narrative Writing Unit. Please email me if you are interested so that I can send you updates to this unit. 

Reading a Poem: This "think sheet" will help students analyze and read a poem for meaning. 

Peer Revision Checklist: This checklist can guide students to revise and edit their poems.

Thank you so much for your purchase! If you are looking for something specific that is not included in this product, I would love to hear from you! Please email me with questions, feedback, concerns, or to get on my updates mailing list. 

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