Prefixes and Suffixes Task Cards

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These task cards are a great practice for students to practice using prefixes and suffixes within context to determine word meanings. Many of these words are drawn from Science or Social Studies topics to help integrate content areas into your ELA Block. I created these task cards for my 4th Graders, but they could be used in Grades 3-5. Check out the preview to see more information and a picture of how I used them in my classroom. 

What's included?

*36 Task Cards to Practice Prefixes and Suffixes- These task cards are perfect for a literacy center, small group activities, or review. Each task card contains 2-3 sentences that uses the words in context. Though there are context clues for each word, the question requires students to understand the meaning of the prefix or suffix. I chose many of the words based on words that 3rd-5th graders may see in not only common literature, but also words from Science and some Social Studies topics.

Answer Sheet & Answer Key: The Answer Key provides the word that was used on the card as well as the answer. This will help you see not just an answer on the answer key, but which word was used. This can help you identify words that students might have struggled with or organizational purposes.

Prefixes and Suffixes Notebook Anchor Charts - Additionally, I have included 2 charts for students' notebooks for Prefixes and Suffixes. These charts come from my Grammar & Vocabulary Notebook Charts resource. Students can use the charts to help them identify the meaning of the prefix or suffix. You can find this resource by clicking HERE!

I hope you enjoy this resource as much as we did! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

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