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This product is a small piece of my Book Review Unit that is growing larger than I imagined! In my 4th grade classroom, we completed a small Opinion Writing Unit on Book Reviews. My kids LOVED it! I began this unit by explaining to my students that “reviews” are a special type of Opinion Writing that a writer writes based on their experience. There are reviews on EVERYTHING! Restaurants, Movies, Video Games, EVERYTHING! I also told my students a funny little story about when I went to try a new Chinese restaurant by my new house and found that my mother had written a review- and it was not a good one! Needless to say, I tried somewhere else. My students got a nice chuckle out of that and it was a nice way to get them excited about Book Reviews. I then showed them the website Crixut.com, which are Movie Reviews written by kids. Even though they are movie reviews, they are excellent examples of a Review and Opinion Writing written by kids. This is just an idea to help you get Book Reviews & Opinion Writing up and running in your classroom.
This sampler includes:

“Building a Book Review” Anchor Chart- This helps to explain the structure of a Book Review. I have included two versions depending on the needs of your classroom. Their essays could be 4 or 5 paragraphs. 

“A Book Review” (stepped out version) - This version is for those students who need a little more scaffolding or you could use this as a homework assignment or in a center. 

“Planning my Book Review” - a planner for your students to organize their writing Boxes and Bullets style. There are two of these planners, one for a 4 paragraph essay and one for a 5 paragraph essay.

“A Book Review” Publishing Paper- this is the final landing spot for their Book Review with a small window for them to include an illustration of the book cover.

“Bookagram” – an Instagram inspired book recommendation sheet. If you are interested in purchasing this product alone, please see my Bookagram product.

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