Reading and Writing Notebook Charts {Ultimate Bundle}

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This resource includes JUST the Reading and Writing Notebook Anchor Charts from my larger Reading and Writing Units. This resource includes half sheet notebook charts.

Why Notebook Charts? *Save Copies
The charts in this product are meant to be used inside students’ reading or writing notebooks. Each chart comes with two on each page. I don’t know about you, but copies have always been an issue at my school. Whether it's a limit on paper, a limit on the actual number, or simply the desire to save a tree- I am always trying to find ways to save paper and copies. 

Skills and Strategies at Your Students' Fingertips
In our classroom, we use composition notebooks for every subject and we have a special section for Notes and Teaching Charts where we glue these in.  I use a lot of anchor charts in my classroom. With the amount of charts I make, it would be impossible to keep all of them up throughout the year and sometimes students forget they are even there. Having them right in their notebooks allows easy accessibility to help students during independent Reading or Writing. I LOVE making and using anchor charts when I teach. I find myself making the same charts each year. Sometimes I laminate them, but more often than not I end up throwing them in the recycle bin each year. In the past few years, I find myself making anchor charts less and less. I use the notebook charts for students to have the knowledge literally at their fingertips, but I also sometimes simply use them to teach the lesson. We use colored pencils or highlighters to highlight important information rather than taking notes. I want their reading and writing time spent on READING and WRITING-not taking notes.

Most (not all…yet!) of the larger units these come from include (pdf) PowerPoint slides that can be used to project a large anchor chart to use while you are teaching. This is NOT included in this bundle, but you might want to look at these resources before purchasing this one. 

For Your Parents
You might also find some of these useful for parents at home. This can help parents use the same language you do to teach certain skills. I use some of the FULL SIZE Anchor Charts pages to include in students' Take Home Binder so they can use these skills at home.

Happy Teaching!

What's included?
The notebook charts are included from the following units. 

*Grammar & Vocabulary
*Newspaper Writing Unit
*Literary Response
*Poetry Notebook
*Reading Notebook (Fiction)
*Reading Notebook (Nonfiction)
*Research Writing Notebook
*Writing NB (Informational)
*Writing NB (Narrative)
*Writing NB (Opinion)

*Grammar and Vocabulary
*Reading Notebook (Fiction)
*Writing (Opinion)
*Writing (Narrative)
*Writing (Informational

**Any half size pages that are not listed as full size pages will be added in future updates. You will not be charged additionally and can download from your My Purchases tab. Also, check back soon for updates to the Reading Fiction Notebook Anchor Charts.**

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