Reading Guide for Independent, Partnership,Book Clubs {any fiction novel}

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This resource is a tool for your students to use when reading independently, in Reading Partnerships, or in a Book Club. The guide comes in three versions, which are all the same except to state Independent, Book Club, Reading Partnership. 

These 6 pages can be copied front and back, then stapled together to give students a purposeful task when reading their novel. The document guides students through their novel and asks questions about the characters, setting, plot, etc. The guide could be used with any book and could be shortened to only using the first 3 pages. 

The guide can be used with any fiction novel and could be shortened to only the first 3 pages, depending on your students. I created this resource to give structure to some of my struggling students as well as students who are ESE or ESOL. However, the packet works with any and all students! The guide helps students pay attention to the important stuff in books such as:

point of view
new words
secondary characters
finding evidence
asking questions
retelling events

In addition, students are required to set goals for finishing their book. This will help students and YOU monitor how long it takes them to finish books.

This packet can also be a great resource for assessing your students’ understanding of independent reading books. You might use this for grading purposes and/or to help facilitate reading conferences or Book Club and Partnership Conversations. In my classroom, this was a great way for students to read in Partnerships. Students would read the same book independently, answering the questions. Then, they would meet together to discuss their responses. 

This might also be helpful for parents to help their child reading independently at home. 

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