Reading Notebook Anchor Charts 2nd Grade (BUNDLE)
Reading Notebook Anchor Charts 2nd Grade (BUNDLE)
Reading Notebook Anchor Charts 2nd Grade (BUNDLE)
Reading Notebook Anchor Charts 2nd Grade (BUNDLE)
Reading Notebook Anchor Charts 2nd Grade (BUNDLE)

Reading Notebook Anchor Charts 2nd Grade (BUNDLE)

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Reading Notebook Anchor Charts for skills and strategies at your students' fingertips. This product includes anchor charts for each Reading Literature Standard for 2nd Grade and Reading Informational Standard for 2nd Grade 

What is included in this bundle? 

  • Informational Notebook Charts
  • Literature Notebook Charts
  • Full Page Reading Notebook Charts
  • Digital Anchor Charts (Google Slides)

What charts are included? 


  • Wise Readers Ask Questions
  • Ask & Answer Questions
  • Main Topic
  • Determining Importance
  • Nonfiction Texts
  • Informational Texts
  • Sequence
  • Cause and Effect
  • Cause and Effect (Why did it happen? What happened?)
  • Words and Phrases
  • Text Features 1 (title, table of contents, index, glossary)
  • Text Features 2 (heading/subheading, photograph, illustration, caption)
  • Text Features 3 (labels, graph, table, map)
  • Text Features 4 (diagram, bold print, bullet points, sidebar/fact box)
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Author’s Reasons
  • Text Images
  • Compare and Contrast


Key Ideas and Details

  • RL. 2.1   Wise Readers ask Questions Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
  • RL.2.2    Recount Stories (Beginning, Middle, End)
  • RL.2.2    Recount Stories  (Somebody Wanted But So Then)
  • RL.2.2    Fables and Folktales
  • RL.2.2    Central Message
  • RL.2.3    Describing Characters
  • RL.2.3 Character Feelings
  • RL.2.3 Character Traits
  • RL.2.3    Describing Characters Graphic Organizer

Craft and Structure

  • RL.2.4   Rhythm
  • RL.2.5   Story Structure
  • RL.2.5   5 Elements of a Story
  • RL.2.5   BME
  • RL.2.5   Book Genres
  • RL.2.5   Traditional Literature
  • RL.2.6   Point of View
  • RL.2.6   Point of View Questions

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

  • RL.2.7   Illustrations: Connecting Words & Pictures
  • RL.2.7   Illustrations: Characters, Setting, Plot
  • RL.2.7   Compare and Contrast
  • RL.2.8 Comparing and Contrasting Stories
  • RL.2.10 Making Inferences
  • RL.2.10 Making Connections (Boy Character)
  • RL.2.10 Making Connections (Girl Character)
  • RL.2.10 Visualization

Why Reading Notebook Anchor Charts?
The charts in this product are meant to be used inside students’ reading. This is why they are shown two on a page. This way you can save paper and copies! You can also use these to teach students how to use their Reading Notebook as a tool. 

If you find yourself making tons of reading anchor charts throughout the year, then this resource is for you. Students will have a reference for each standard and skill. These are also great to send home for parents to use at home.

Since I began using anchor charts inside our Reading and Writing Notebooks, I have noticed my students are able to work better independently. They have the tools they need to support their learning. The charts have also been helpful in planning and presenting my lessons. You have examples and academic language at your fingertips. The charts also help to bring a large and broad topic down to a concrete idea.



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