Research Writing Unit Notebook Charts

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This resource was a requested product to support a Research Writing Unit for 5th Grade as well as supplement Argument-Based Writing and MLA Format. The printable pages are created 2 on a page so that they can be glued inside your students' writing notebooks. Writing Notebook Charts are a tool I use to provide students strategies at their fingertips. 

Why Writing Notebook Anchor Charts?
Wall space has always been an issue for teachers and it would be impossible to display every chart you have ever used with your students on the walls all year round. It would also not look very pretty! By giving students' the anchor charts to glue in their notebooks, the notebook becomes a tool for their learning. Not only does it hold their ideas and entries, but it is also a lifelong tool for writing. 

The following charts are included:
*Using Timelines in Writing/Research
*Primary vs. Secondary Sources
*Point of View 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person
*Point of View 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person {Blank for students to try on their own}
*Mission Statement
*Writing a Thesis Statement
*Consider the Source! (Evaluating Source Credibility)
*MLA Format
*Creating a Bibliography Page {Book/Website}
*Creating a Bibliography Page {Newspaper/Magazine}
*Rebuttal, Response, & Counterclaims
*Consider Your Audience
*Language & Tone to Validate Your Argument
*Using Quotations from a Text {for a Literary Response}
*Citing the Text MLA Style
*Quoting or Paraphrasing the Text

As stated above, the charts were created for a custom order requested by a 5th Grade teacher. Some of the charts will be added to My Opinion Matters! {An Opinion Writing Unit} and Reader’s Notebook Anchor Charts.

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