State Research & History Project {Mississippi}

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State History Research Project{any state}

This interactive, printable booklet is a fun way for your students to study the state of Mississippi. The booklet totals in 10 pages on the inside with a front and back cover. The pages are copied back to back and then folded to form a booklet in a brochure style format. 

Students will research the following about the state of Mississippi:

-State Capital
-State Symbols (Bird, Flower, Flag, Tree, Song, Dog, Nickname, Beverage, Insect, Seal, Wildflower, Fish, State Fossil). There is also a blank page for State Symbols so students can choose symbols they like. 
-State History 
-City History (Students can choose a city from the state or the teacher can assign each student a different city to give each brochure some variety.) 
-Animals Native to the City
-Special Landmarks or Landforms
-Important People
-Goods or Resources from the Area

Throughout the booklet, there are boxes for each section in which students can draw and write about the state. 

Students can use the planning page to gather their information and then transfer their information to the booklet as a final product. Students can be creative by drawing pictures of each symbol, landform, etc.

A rubric for grading purposes is included as well. 

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I hope you have as much fun as we did! Please contact me with any questions! 

Happy Teaching!

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