Student Led Conferences & Goal Setting

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About the Product:
This product contains the following tools to help you conduct Student Led Conferences in which students have direction about what to share with their parents and more importantly- you have direction as a teacher to implement Student Led Conferences! Additionally, students have tools to help them set goals for themselves based on current grades or test scores. In our 4th grade classrooms, we used a Student Data Sheet for students to record and keep track of their data. Because districts use different assessments, I have provided a power point document which is editable so you can change to suit your needs. If you would like to use the same fonts I used, head over to KG Fonts to get your font fix. :) The other documents are generic enough that you can use them in your own classroom. 

What this product includes
*Save the Date! - This document is editable to add in the dates and times for your Student Led Conferences.

*Welcome to our classroom! - This is a welcome sheet students can leave on their desks when the parents come in. Students also used this as an agenda/guide for going through the process and remembering the steps for their Student Led Conference. (This helps to work through the awkward moments of, “What do I say next?...”)

*Questions for Parents to Ask Your Child - This form is for parents to fill out during the conference. This serves as a guide to help parents ask their child questions while their child walks them through their work. 

*Setting Goals - Ideas for improvement in Language Arts, Math, Science, Work Habits, and Behaviors. These are slightly a combination for tools to set goals and goals themselves. This will help students, parents, and you identify HOW to reach goals. In my classroom, students set goals based on their grades, test scores, or assessment data. Then, they used this sheet to identify ways to reach the goals they set. However, for some of your students- these may be the actual goals. Use this sheet to suit the needs of your classroom and your students.

*Goal Setting Sheets for Language Arts, Math, Science, Work Habits & Behaviors - These sheets can be completed in class or during the Student Led Conference. Students use the Setting Goals sheet to help them complete these sheets.

*Tracking my Reading Progress - This chart is a tool for students to track how many books they are reading each month. This can help you to monitor students’ Independent Reading as well as help students to set Reading goals.

*Setting Monthly Goals for Reading - This is intended to go with #6. When students are keeping track of how many books they are reading each month, they can use this data to set monthly goals. 

*What did you think? {Parent Feedback Form} - This form is a reflection/survey for parents after the student led conference. Parents can complete during the conference or after.

*What did you think? {Student Feedback Form} - This form is a reflection/survey for students after the student led conference. Students can complete during the conference or after.

*My Progress Portfolio Binder Cover - This is a binder cover for students Progress Portfolio or some people like to call it a Data Binder. I personally prefer Progress Portfolio because in my classroom we keep a binder with tabs for each subject area. Students put work they are proud of inside the binder behind the appropriate tab. This sheet serves as a cover page.

*Sample Student Self-Evaluation - This is a form kept inside the Progress Portfolio used to track student’s data. This form is an example of how we used it based on the assessments in our districts and state. This product includes 2 editable Power Point files in which you might use this document based on your state and districts’ standards and assessments. If you need any assistance with this document, please contact me at 

Also, MOST of my fonts come from Kimberly Geiswein Fonts on Teachers Pay Teachers. She offers them FREE for personal use. So, if you like the look of the editable documents, downloading the fonts will allow you to personalize them even more to suit your needs. Plus, her fonts are amazing and you might become slightly addicted! So, go enjoy some free fonts! 

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Please contact me if you have any questions or issues with this resource :)

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