Text Structure Task Cards {Scientific Concepts}

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Are you struggling to fit it all in? As an intermediate teacher, this is my constant struggle. At a time when standardized testing can seem to dominate the curriculum, I am always trying to find a way to integrate Science and Social Studies into my ELA Block. My 4th graders love learning about Science and we can't seem to get enough of it throughout the year with such a heavy push for the Reading, Writing, and Math. My students also LOVE task cards because they are not simply another worksheet or passage with comprehension questions. They are short and quick to help them practice a skill. This resource marries these two loves and creates a cross-curricular activity. As a busy teacher, you get more bang for your buck! Science and Reading? Win-win. 

These task cards are perfect for a literacy center, small group activities, or review. Each task card contains 2-3 sentences that uses the words in context.

What does this resource include?

*36 Text Structure Task Cards with a short paragraph that explains a scientific concept. Students determine the text structure used in the paragraph

*Answer Sheet & Answer Key: The Answer Key provides the word that was used on the card as well as the answer.

*Text Structure Notebook Anchor Charts- Additionally, I have included 5 charts for students' notebooks for Text Structure. These charts come from my Reading Notebook Anchor Charts (Nonfiction) resource. Students can use the charts to help them identify the Text Structure. 

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