Ways We Can Talk in a Respectful Way-Sentence Stems Poster

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Thank you so much for purchasing this product! This came as a result of many moments of whining, arguing, and attitude in my classroom. So believe me when I say this product has been kid-tested!

I used this to help coach students when I heard whining, arguing, attitude or just overall disrespect. I remember and love the classic NO WHINING poster, with the slash through and all! However, children need to know what to say instead. Some children have the natural ability to communicate appropriately. MANY children do not. As our classrooms become more and more diverse (both culturally and academically) we need to teach our students those social skills and exactly HOW to communicate with one another. I hope this product is a small stepping stone to help you and your students achieve better relationships. Of course, this product does not suffice in isolation. In my classroom, I introduced it during a class meeting. My students knew it was necessary, based on current events in our classroom. They appreciated the support in helping them to be kinder to one another. 

I modeled how to use the stems and referred to them continuously when I heard them speaking negatively to one another. I ask, “How could you say that in a different way?” I hope you find this to be a useful tool! If you would ever like this product in a different version or have a request, please email me: Jessica@theliteracyloft.com. As always, I appreciate any feedback! :)

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