July No Prep Packet 5th Grade
July No Prep Packet 5th Grade
July No Prep Packet 5th Grade
July No Prep Packet 5th Grade
July No Prep Packet 5th Grade

July No Prep Packet 5th Grade

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This packet contains 60 pages (!!!) of activities that include ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies. This is a 20 day (4 Weeks) Independent Learning Packet. This packet can be used in the following ways:

  • sub plans
  • supplement curriculum
  • homework
  • center practice
  • small group practice
  • school closings

Please see the table of contents inside the preview for the skills covered. The subjects include ELA (Reading, Grammar, and Writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health.

  • Answer Keys are in a separate file.
  • Links and description for digital instructions.
‚≠źÔłŹPlease note that there are some overlaps with Science, Social, Studies, Health content for Grades 2-5‚≠źÔłŹ

What’s included in this packet:
Sentences, Fragments, & Run-Ons
Suffix Sort
Reading Poems and Prose
Greek and Latin Roots
Relative Pronouns
Word Sort: Greek Roots
Reading a Poem
Using Adjectives
Accented Syllables
Reading a Drama
Idioms and Adages
Subordinating Conjunctions
Compare and Contrast
Context Clues
Main Idea
Context Clues II
Order of Events 

Least Common Multiple
Writing Expressions
Evaluate Expressions
Evaluate Expressions II
Writing Equations
Solving Equations
Find the Value
Volume II
Quadrilateral Relationships
Missing Values
Number Patterns
True or False? Equations
Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers
Multiplying 3-Digit x 2-Digit Numbers
Dividing 3-Digit √∑ 2-Digit Numbers
Dividing 4-Digit √∑ 2-Digit Numbers
Decimal Place Value
Multiply Decimals
Multiply Decimals II 

Social Studies/Science/Health
The Golden Gate Bridge
Hoover Dam
Washington Monument
The Oregon Trail
The Gateway Arch
Area 51
The Great Wall of China
Firework Safety
Summertime Stings
Water Safety
Ocean Formation
The Ocean Floor
Ocean Currents
Waves and Tides
Parts of a Wave
Ocean Zones
Sorting the Sea

ūüõĎ Are you a member of the¬†TLL Membership? These materials are already included. If you are not a member,¬†click here to learn more.¬†The¬†TLL Membership¬†gives you an all-access pass to hundreds of ELA resources for teachers in Grades 3-5.

Please reach out if you have any questions or I can support you in any way.


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