Informational Text Set {Antarctica}
Informational Text Set {Antarctica}
Informational Text Set {Antarctica}
Informational Text Set {Antarctica}

Informational Text Set {Antarctica}

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Reading and Writing from 1 text set!

What are monthly text sets? 
The monthly text sets are two or more texts based on the same topic. Each monthly text set can be used for both reading and writing. The topic of each text set is high-engaging nonfiction topics. Each text set supports opinion or informational based writing in response to reading.

What is included in each text set? 

  • 2 (or more) related informational articles
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Writing Prompt to be used with the texts in an essay format
  • Writing Plan Example
  • Teacher Example Essay (editable)
  • Differentiated for Grades 3-5  

Students read articles about Antarctica. Using the texts, they write an informational essay about the topic.
Standard-based reading comprehension questions help you integrate reading while using the same text you are using in writing. 

Try the free text set here:

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What topics are included for each month?
The topics included are thematically related to that month. However, the text sets can be used at any time of the year based on your needs.

January - MLK (Opinion Text Set)

February - Equality in Education: Thurgood Marshall & Mary Mcleoud Bethune (Informational Text Set)

March - Ants: Perk or Pest (Opinion Text Set)

April - The Benefits of Bees (Informational Text Set)

May - Sea Turtles (Informational Text Set)

June - Sharks Text Set (Try for FREE here!)

July- Hurricanes Text Set (Informational Text Set)

August - Video Games: Harmful or Helpful? (Opinion Text Set)

September - Homework: Harmful or Helpful? (Opinion Text Set)

October- Bats (Informational Text Set)

November - Paid to Play: Should College Athletes be Paid?

December - Polar Bear Problems (Informational Text Set)

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