Thanksgiving Informational Text (Newspaper-Style Bingo)

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This is an informational newspaper style text fun to use around Thanksgiving. Included in this product are Bingo sheets which have questions from the entire newspaper. This activity can be used over a few days. Students read facts and information about the history of Thanksgiving from the newspaper and then write their answers in the bingo grid. The bingo grid comes in 26 different versions. Having each student use a different version of the answer grid will allow you to reinforce the content of the informational text by playing a game of bingo…possibly on the day before Thanksgiving break. The questions range from vocabulary, finding the main idea, using text features, as well as finding key details. 

How to Play:
The first page is an answer key, which can be used to play the game of bingo. Cut up each square, place in a Ziploc bag or container of your choice and call out questions. Students must answer the question correctly and have 5 in a row. Up, down, or diagonally. 

We hope you enjoy this festive activity as much as we did!!! 
Please know that the information from the text has been gathered from various online reliable sources. Please see the resource list. There are some wonderful websites which might be a way to integrate more than one source and possibly have students write an informational essay OR just nice to wander through other information. 

This resource is part of the Reading Comprehension Bingo (Holiday Bundle)

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