August No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
August No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
August No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
August No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
August No Prep Packet 3rd Grade

August No Prep Packet 3rd Grade

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This packet contains 60 pages (!!!) of activities that include ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies. This is a 20 day (4 Weeks) Independent Learning Packet. This packet can be used in the following ways:

  • sub plans
  • supplement curriculum
  • homework
  • center practice
  • small group practice
  • school closings

Please see the table of contents inside the preview for the skills covered. The subjects include ELA (Reading, Grammar, and Writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health.

  • Answer Keys are in a separate file.
  • Links and description for digital instructions. 

⭐️Please note that there are some overlaps with Science, Social, Studies, Health content for Grades 2-3⭐️

What’s included in this packet:
Following Directions
Capital Letters
Make a Sentence
Parts of Speech
Spelling Patterns Short A and E
Nouns More Sort
Compound Words
Synonyms and Antonyms
Birds of Prey
Spelling Patterns Short O and U
Rhyming Raccoons
RV Camping
Editing a Letter
What’s the Problem?
Spelling Patterns Short I and O
Let’s Go Camping
What’s the Meaning
Punctuation Problems
Question to Statement
R-Controlled Vowels

Model Place Value
Place Value
Value of a Digit
Camping Comparisons
Ordering Numbers
Happy Hiker Subtraction
Happy Hiker Subtraction II
Happy Hiker Addition
Happy Hiker Addition II
Picture Graph
Expanded Form
Writing Numbers: Word Form
Reading and Writing Numbers
Camping Problems
Camping Problems II
Renaming Numbers
Place Value Problems
Marshmallow Multiplication
Adding 3 Numbers Equation
Adding 3 Numbers Word Problem

Social Studies/Science/Health
Being Good Sport
The Great Seal
Pledge of Allegiance
Star - Spangled Banner
Thomas Jefferson
The White House
Using Models
Scientific Facts
School Bus Safety
Technology and Health
How Do You Feel?
Body Language
Conflict Resolution

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