Classroom Jobs Chart {Navy,White,Gray}

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This product could be used by printing the pages onto card stock (or regular white paper). I suggest laminating the cards. There are several ways in which you could display the cards in your classroom. 

1. Bulletin Board Display
2. Attach to two pieces of ribbon, then use clothespins for student names.
3. Laminate and use magnets on a white board.
4. Any way you choose! 

Inside the zipped file, you will find the Job Cards (jobs listed below), Our Classroom Jobs Checklist, EDITABLE Our Classroom Jobs Checklist (in case you want to use only some of the jobs, Our Classroom Jobs Display Header. This resource includes the following jobs:

1. Line Leader
2. Door Holder
3. Classroom Librarian
4. Ticket Master (I use tickets as a reward system in my classroom. Students earn tickets for good behavior. They write their name on the ticket and put the tickets into a bucket. I draw two names at the end of the week for a Homework Pass, Computer Time, or Lunch with the Teacher. The student who has the job of the Ticket Master is responsible for giving out tickets when I am teaching or any owed tickets at the end of the day.)
5. Messenger One
6. Messenger Two
7. Cleanup Crew
8. Pencil Patrol
9. Lights and Technology
10. Teacher’s Assistant
11. Paper Passer
12. Time Keeper
13. Classroom Columnist {One}- I have students keep track of events happening in our classroom. I then use this in my Classroom Newsletter 
14. Classroom Columnist {Two}
15. Classroom Columnist {Three}
16. Classroom Columnist {Four}
17. Job Manager- This person keeps track of who is doing what when a job needs to be done. They get to keep track of the checklist!
18. Materials Manager
19. Board and Behavior Updater
20. Homework Manager
21. Desk Inspector
22. Recycling Specialist
23. Green Thumb Gardener
24. Job Substitute

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I hope you enjoy this resource for your classroom! If you have any questions or would like any jobs added, please contact me at

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