Comic Strip Book Response

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This resource is a fun and interactive way to have your students respond to a book they have read. You might use this after finishing a Read Aloud or when students finish their Book Club or Independent Reading Book. This resource leaves a lot of room for creativity and individual response. I used this project in my classroom after we finished the book The Landry News by Andrew Clements. Students used their Reader’s Response Journal to take notes throughout the book. Once we finished the book, students jotted ideas in their notebooks about which characters changed (how and why). The theme charts included in this product are charts my students keep in their Reader’s Response Journals. You can find more charts like this 
here. These charts were especially helpful in planning for this project.

Students used their notes (although you could do this any way that works for you:) ) to answer the questions. Then, they created a rough draft sketch of their comic strip. Finally, students illustrated a colorful comic strip demonstrating their understanding of the text. This product lends itself to much creativity and is wonderful for an end of the year, keep-your-students-engaged activity! 
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Happy Reading! 

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