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This resource contains posters to display the 10 IB Learner Profiles and a quote associated with each profile. These can be displayed in your classroom as a poster and used to help teach each of the IB Learner Profiles. Please note there are multiple quotes/posters for some of the profiles because there are some amazing quotes out there! So, you have choices for some of the profiles. 

What's Included:
Posters for each of the 10 IB Learner Profiles
Caring (x2)
Balanced (x3)
Risk-Taker (x2)
Reflective (x2)
Open-Minded (x2)

Classmate Recognition Card:
I used these in my 4th grade classroom to help students notice the Learner Profiles in their classmates. Students filled out the card and put in a drop box or you could also display on a bulletin board. Students write what they noticed another classmate doing to show the IB Learner Profile. For example…

Cody showed he was a Risk-Taker when he shared his thinking in Math.

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