Literary Response Opinion Essay Unit Grades 3-5

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This product is a guide and resource for an Opinion Essay in which students construct a literary response in the form of an opinion. According to assessments which are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, students in 3rd-5th grade may be required to respond to a text based on their opinion. How you use this resource will depend on your district and state assessments. I have based this product on certain Florida assessments in which students give their opinion about characters or the theme of the story.

Regardless of assessment, this unit is intended to help students not only become better writers, but better readers. The teaching points are a guide, aligned to the standard, and reinforced by the student checklist.

Though this product is aligned for grades 3-5, you may find valuable resources for 2nd or 6th grades as well.

The anchor charts are intended to be used in the writer’s notebook, but also might give you ideas about anchor charts for your classroom. I hope this product fulfills your needs and I would love to have feedback based on your experience. You might also be interested in other Narrative, Informational, and Opinion Units which you can find HERE.

What this Product Includes

Literary Essay Unit Teaching Points Planning Calendar

Blank Planning Calendar

Writing Notebook Anchor Charts

*Readers and Writers collect evidence to grow ideas

*Sentence Starters for Responding to Literature

*Readers get BIG Ideas by thinking about the Character


*Crafting a Theme Statement

*Common Theme Statements in Literature

*The Hook - Chart for Leads

*Effective Endings - Chart for Endings

*The Hook and Effective Endings (Blank

*Opinion Writer’s Checklist

*My Thesis Statement - (Graphic Organizer to plan Thesis Statement)

*Transition Words for Persuasive and Opinion Writing

*Transition Words and Phrases

Planning & Publishing Pages

*Opinion Essay Boxes and Bullets Planner

*Opinion Writer’s Checklist for Peer Editing

*Elaboration Paper to help students elaborate each reason that supports their opinion

*Publishing Paper

*Square Opinion Writing Planner (Full Page

*Writer’s Celebrate 3-2-1 Style (Comment Cards for Student Celebration)

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