Newspaper Article Writing Unit {Here's the Scoop!}

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*A DIGITAL OPTION HAS BEEN INCLUDED FOR GOOGLE SLIDES/GOOGLE CLASSROOM* Be sure to re-download! There are directions and links inside the ZIP File.

This is one of my favorite Writing Units! Writing a Newspaper Article about the community, school, or class is a fun way for students to develop their writing skills, as well as connect with the world around them. The resources in this unit could be used to teach as a class Writing Unit, to create a class newspaper, a school newspaper, or in an after school club. Students will develop informational writing skills which support the Common Core Writing Anchor Standard 2: Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. 

This unit is fun for end of the year after testing is all over to remind students that writing is not just test prep and writing essays! Also, you might use this to create a Class Newspaper or Anthology to help preserve the year’s memories. Though this is a unit on writing a Newspaper Article, it could be extended to writing a blog, website article, magazine article, or other type of article. Writing about the news is not as simple as writing for a Newspaper anymore. This is why throughout the resources you may see varying terms such as Newspaper Article, Journalist, Reporter, Feature Article, etc. 

What this Product Includes:
There are 3 separate documents included in a zipped file. 

*Anchor Charts for the Writer’s Notebook (31 pages) These are half sheets which students can glue in to have the anchor charts at their fingertips. 

*Anchor Charts Full Size (same content as above) (20 pages) which can be used:
-as a slide show when teaching the unit
-printed and laminated to post on bulletin board or Writing Center
-printed and put in sheet protectors compiled together on a book/binder rings

I use these charts as a slide show and then also print, put in sheet protectors, then assemble together on a binder/book ring to use when teaching a small group or support writers in working on something specific.

*Unit Lesson Plans- (15 pages) The lessons are brief and to the point to explain how to teach the unit or teaching point for the day. Please know that these lessons are absolutely not the only way the lessons could be taught, but to give teachers an idea if this is a new-to-you unit! They are meant to be in the form of a mini lesson for the Writer’s Workshop model, however are NOT written to those specific guidelines. They are more a general idea of what you would do for that lesson. There is also a page of listed texts and websites that would be useful in teaching this unit. Anything in blue is a clickable link that will take you to that specific website. 

The lessons may take longer than one day or less than one day, depending on you and your students. The lessons can be arranged in any way which fits your students. Make these resources your own and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

I hope you have as much fun as we did with this unit! 

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