September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade
September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade

September No Prep Packet 3rd Grade

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This packet contains 60 pages (!!!) of activities that include ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies. This is a 20 day (4 Weeks) Independent Learning Packet. This packet can be used in the following ways:

  • sub plans
  • supplement curriculum
  • homework
  • center practice
  • small group practice
  • school closings

Please see the table of contents inside the preview for the skills covered. The subjects include ELA (Reading, Grammar, and Writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Health.

  • Answer Keys are in a separate file.
  • Links and description for digital instructions.

⭐️Please note that there are some overlaps with Science, Social, Studies, Health content for Grades 2-3⭐️

What’s included in this packet:

Ask & Answer Questions
Problem & Solution
Word Sort: Short i and Long i
Bobbing for Homophones
Character Feelings
Describing Characters
Word Sort: Long a
Acorn Adjectives
Ordering Sentences
Word Sort: Long i
Write a Story
Reading Nonfiction
Strong Verbs
Word Sort: Long o
Dictionary Skills
Common and Proper Nouns
ABC Order 

Model Place Value
Place Value
Football Place Value
Apples in the Orchard
Acorn Place Value
Mystery Number
Greatest and Least Number
Comparing Numbers
3-Digit Numbers
Comparing Numbers II
4-Digit Numbers
Rounding Numbers
Rounding to the Nearest Ten: 2-Digit Numbers
Rounding to the Nearest Ten II: 3-Digit Numbers
Rounding to the Nearest Hundred: 3-Digit Numbers
Astounding Rounding
Football Rounding
Mixed Problems
Mixed Problems II
Sum Apples
Multi-digit Subtraction
Estimate Sums 

Social Studies/Science/Health
Being a Good Citizen
What if there were no rules? 
Science Tools
Think Like a Scientist!
Work Like a Scientist
Types of Soil
I am a human!
Our Teeth
Getting Sick
Junk Food
Healthy Hygiene
Fruit Groups
Healthy Habits

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This resource is also available in the following grade level:

5th Grade

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