Text Structure Anchor Charts

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What this Product Includes:

Anchor Chart Classroom Posters with the 5 Text Structures
*Black and White NO Graphic Organizer (pages 3-7) 
*Black and White with Graphic Organizer (pages 8-12)
*Black and Pink NO Graphic Organizer (pages 13-17)
*Black and Pink with Graphic Organizer (pages 18-22)

*Notebook Anchor Chart with all 5 Text Structures (Half Page)
*Large Anchor Chart with all 5 Text Structures (Full Page)

The Posters include 4 different versions of the 5 Text Structures, Characteristics, and Signal Words, and Graphic Organizers. There is a poster for each of the following Text Structures:

*Compare and Contrast
*Cause and Effect
*Problem and Solution

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If you have any questions about this product or a request for another color scheme in the posters, please email me.

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