Veterans Day Reading Comprehension (FREEBIE!)
Veterans Day Reading Comprehension (FREEBIE!)

Veterans Day Reading Comprehension (FREEBIE!)

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This is an informational newspaper-style text perfect to teach your students about Veterans Day and may be used over a few days. The questions are offered in two versions: a bingo game and traditional multiple-choice/short response format

🚨 This resource is part of the Holiday Reading Comprehension Bingo Bundle. 

Bingo sheets are included, which have questions from the article. Students read the informational text about Veterans Day. Then, they answer questions on the bingo grid. The grid comes in 26 different versions. Having each student use a different version of the answer grid will allow you to reinforce the content of the informational text by playing a game of bingo possibly on Veterans Day or at the end of the week. The questions range from vocabulary, finding the main idea, using text features, as well as finding key details. 

How to Play:
The first page is an answer key, which can be used to play the game of bingo. Cut up each square, place in a Ziploc bag or container of your choice and call out questions. Students must answer the question correctly and have 5 in a row. Up, down, or diagonally. Students can use counters or any treats to keep track of the questions called.

Reading Comprehension Questions: The questions are also in a traditional multiple choice and short answer format. Not all answers are included from the Bingo grid and the questions may be slightly different. You would not need to use BOTH formats – pick one or the other.

Thank You Letter: Paper for students to write a Thank You Letter to a veteran is also included.



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