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This mini unit includes resources to introduce or review text structure to your 3rd or 4th and 5th graders. This unit includes a PowerPoint/Google Slides, graphic organizers, reading comprehension passages, questions, exit slips, and activities. It also includes recommended books that will support you in teaching students how to find the text structure. Let's get into the specifics.

What is included?

Topics Covered: Text Structure (5 Types: Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast, Problem & Solution, Sequence/Chronological Order, Description)

1. Google Slides/PowerPoint: This is an interactive teaching presentation to use to teach the skillsThe Google Slides and PowerPoints help you teach or review the skill. There are three versions included in both PowerPoint & Google Slides. The slide presentation is organized so that you can:
  1. Model the Skill
  2. Let's Try It! (Active Engagement)
  3. Independent Practice (Exit Slip)

Version 1: (Teaching Slides) These slides include transitions so that you can discuss the answers before they appear. The answers are also in the notes section of the slideshow.

Version 2: (Student Slides)  These slides can be used if you are teaching virtually or if you want to use this as a review and have students complete on their own.

Version 3: (Answer Key) This slide has all the answers.

2. Exit Slips: Each exit slip can be printed out 2 per page. The Exit Slips are also available in Google Forms. The exit slips are multiple choice or short response.

3. Reading Comprehension Passages: There's a total of 5 Reading Comprehension Passages & Questions. The questions are all based on text structure.

4. Graphic Organizers: These graphic organizers for text structure can be used with any text.

5. Reading Posters: Text Structure Reading Posters

6. Text Structure Practice: Printable practice pages for students to practice determining the text structure in a short amount of text.

7. Text Structure Match: This matching activity is perfect for a reading center or can even be used as a notebook activity. Prep: Print on colored paper (optional) and laminate (optional). Cut each puzzle piece into two parts. Store in a Ziploc bag and use as a reading center or as a group activity. There are a total of 12 pieces with different text structures.

8. Recommended Book List: short nonfiction books great for teaching each type of text structure.

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